In a World of Locked Doors

So Now There's Ogres


So after meeting the Gnome Ranger Lorilla and the Shaman Shifter Thorn, the party traveled into the bog. Where you encounter a bog hag and because your DM was unprepared, there ogres. You’re in some deep trouble.

Good luck.




After a long long battle fought and much burned. The party was VICTORIOUS!

DM’s Note: Good Job guys! Don’t forget to do all your leveling up stats.

Ain't No Party Like A Goblin Bandit Party.


The great adventurers set off on their journey, only to encounter a group of Goblin Bandits lead by one very large Bugbear.

After taking out the small goblins, one of the large ones was quick to fall. The Bugbear not long after. However, one goblin remained standing to mock Yog as he took quite a bit of damage.

In the end the bandits were defeated and the party finally introduced themselves to each other while Guru or Nobody or Barry the Psychopath, or whoever the elf/hawk maybe be, checked up ahead for any danger.

As they continued on, the grass around them took a yellowed dead tinge, and the ground cracked with the lack of water in the area. They approached Lords Valley, a town in a severe isolated drought.


DM’s Note: Nice team work guys, but please don’t kill each other yet. The challenges you will face will do that for you…

Why Can't We Be Friends?
In which chairs were thrown


Gigi ran into an old… acquaintance. An arrogant braggart of a bounty hunter. This incited chairs to be thrown and a near brawl to start.
Orpheaus announced that he was looking for a party to help banish the gate.
Saivla, Rhasgar, Yog, and Francis attempted to reason with her.
Meanwhile, Guru locked everyone in the tavern with the use of shrubbery while on his way to Orpheaus. He then created a giant ant.
Rhasgar managed to get out, allowing everyone to finally head to Orpheaus’s home.
Orpheaus rolled a natural 20 to intimidate, bringing everyone’s attention to him as he explained his task. You are to look for five items: The items are, as best Orpheaus can translate, a staff, a three pronged spear, a looking glass, magic sands, and a lute.

You rest at either the Flying Serpent or Orpheaus’s home as everyone is now banned from the Sitting Duck Tavern after the fiasco. The barkeep, Georguy, is furious and holds a grudge.

A Note From the DM: Rules can be found here.

Knock, Knock...
A Beginning:

There have been rumors circulating around your area, passed on from between pints at local taverns. Snip-its heard from travelers as they tend to their horses. And even questionably reliable information pulled from scraps of paper in secret hideaway holes behind that one brick in that dark, dank alley in the red-light district.

The Gates have reappeared.

You know the Gates? Those giant, imposing, other-worldly Gates. They showed up, what? Ten years ago? Out of the blue? Some thought a sorcerer summoned them, but no one owned up. Others say it was the “other side” looking for a way in…

You just shrugged off those rumors, because really? Who believes in magic doors?

But this time the rumors are different. People have actually claimed to see them. Close informants and friends of yours have actually laid eyes on it. Which is why you’re here tonight. The town just outside the Gates has called a gathering for the bravest, strongest, cleverest, and any other -est to come do something about that Gate. Open it, destroy it, whatever can be done. At least for the peace of mind for the town.

You’re here as a spectator, or maybe a participant. Who knows? You’ll see how the night goes…


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